Thursday, 17 January 2013

WWF: The Oddities

The Oddities were a faction that existed during '98-'99. It featured the likes of Kurrgan, Golga (formerly Earthquake) and Luna Vachon. The Oddities were no technical marvels in the ring, yet they quickly rose to popularity with the WWF audience. This was because if their message of "hey, who cares if your a freak, come party it up with us".

A BIG part of the gimmicks success was their entrance. They would come out dancing, jumping around and generally whipping the crowd into a frenzy. The theme that accompanied this was an altered version of an Insane Clown Posse track (original here). They changed the lyrics to reflect the Oddities characters, and would often accompany them to the ring while singing it live.

Now say what you want about the ICP, but this theme was fantastic. It was catchy as hell, simple enough for the crowd to sing along too and had the perfect beat for people to wave their arms in the air and be a part of the show. The effect it had was incredible and definitely helped make the Oddities. It was a truly excellent theme.

Breaking Kayfabe: I'm Back!

Hey all. This is a different kind of post, which I call breaking kayfabe. Essentially you'll see anything that's not a normal theme post here.

Today, I want to apologise for the lack of recent updates. I recently got a new job, and me and my girlfriend were struggling to find a new place to live (got one now :D), so updates have been put on the back burner. I can't promise things will return to full speed right now, but just now this page isn't abandoned, so keep it bookmarked and check back every now and then.

In the mean time, I will post as often as I can. I'm really looking forward to having a well populated collection of themes on here.


Thursday, 3 January 2013

WCW: Sting

It's hard to argue that Sting didn't rip his 'crow' character from the movie of the same name. However, it stuck for over a decade, and that's a testament to the performer that Sting is.

As we with many superstars, the theme was integral to the introduction and immediate success of the character. Originally debuting with a longer intro, the theme was able to set the atmosphere instantly and send chills down your spine. The amazing thing was, that it did this without a "IF YA SMEEEELLLL" or glass shattering. This theme was so simple, yet masterful, especially as it gradually speeds up.

Sting would run with this theme until 1999, when he made the switch to Metallicas 'Seek and Destroy'. While this theme didn't quite carry the same atmosphere, it worked with how Stings character had evolved, and his subsequent themes in TNA would follow a similar style.

Wednesday, 2 January 2013

WWF: Kurt Angle

The Olympic Hero, Kurt Angle. Now I want to keep extremely well known themes to a minimum, but I think this one was worth a post. As far as I can remember, Angle used this modified version of his theme on a single episode of Smackdown in late 2001, before changing back to the normal version.

Kurt Angles theme throughout his WWF/E run more or less stayed the same. It was actually used by The Patriot during his short 1997 run in the WWF. The theme would later resurface when Angle made his debut in 1999. It seemed perfect for the Olympic champion, hence why it stuck for so long.

So how the hell did we get this bastardisation of a theme? Well we can only guess. A theory could be related to the 'You Suck' chants that had began to accompany Angles entrance in time with his theme back in 2000*. Fast forward to Nov 2001, and Angle is turned face by defecting to Team WWF and helping them win the Invasion. Kurt used this theme less than a month later, so maybe they it was an effort to stop the fans chanting 'you suck' towards their top babyface. Maybe they just wanted a change to go with his new character, or something a bit edgier. Either way, it sounded horrible and just didn't work. But thanks to a questionable track listing decision, this theme was included on the WWF Anthology CD set, so it can live on forever.

*A side note of trivia: The 'You Suck' chants began shortly after WWF: The Music vol 5 was released. The Rock had a song on the CD, titled 'Pie'. On an episode of Smackdown, Angle came out and started berating the song, and said his theme was much better, and "could be played at weddings". So he played a music video that featured his theme along with highlights of Angles career. The fatal decision was made to play the video twice, in which the fans grew restless, and started making up their own lyrics to Kurts theme. Hence, the you suck chants were born. The chant wouldn't majorly take off until Edge encouraged the fans to sing it during his fued with Angle in '02.

ECW: New Jack (performed by Dr Dre & Ice Cube)

Watching the original ECW, you knew things were going to get real when you heard this

New Jack is a wrestler known for his violent antics both inside and outside the ring, while often blurring the line between the two. His career has led to him being one of the most controversial figures in wrestling, with fans and haters usually very vocal about their thoughts on him.

Regardless, the man made an impact in the business back in the original ECW. He began his run tagging with Mustafa Saed and D'lo Brown in Smokey Mountain Wrestling, under the moniker, 'The Gangstas'. Jack and Saed would continue their partnership in ECW, where they captured tag team gold. After Saed was released from ECW, Jack began dragging a garbage can of weapons to the ring with him. It wasn't too long before this was a standard part of a New Jack appearance, complete with a staple gun around his neck.

New Jack would have several themes in ECW, but this theme is arguably the most memorable. The initial gun shot instantly made New Jacks presence known, and the chaotic sound of the tune was perfect New Jacks style. In fact, it worked so well that eventually, they didn't bother stopping the theme when New Jack got to the ring. It would play continuously as Jack caused carnage all over the arena, providing a scene you could have only experienced in ECW.

Wednesday, 26 December 2012

WWF: The Ultimate Warrior

 If you don't know this theme, then you probably started watching wrestling yesterday. Originally labelled 'The Dingo Warrior', The Ultimate Warrior would wrestle on and off in the WWF (and eventually WCW), from the mid 80's to the late 90's. While he was crazy popular, many look back now and question his career, specifically because of his apparent lack of actual wrestling ability.

But it wasn't his wrestling ability that changed the industry; it was the Warriors image. Prior the Warrior, pro wrestlers would usually wrestle in plain trunks and boots, and come out to no theme music at all. Then the warrior came on the scene, and changed everything. Suddenly, this guy comes running through the curtain with bright trunks, face paint and tassels flying all over the place. It was ground breaking, and paved the way for outlandish characters and over the top, marketable ring attire.

 To top it off, the theme music that brought the fans to their feet. Theme songs were incepted into mainstream wrestling before the warrior came onto the scene, but fans didn't really care or react to the music. The warriors theme was a game changer. The combination of his persona and intense music brought out an unprecedented reaction in the fans, that caused them to go nuts for the warrior before he had even come through the curtain. 

Whether you like the man or not, the Ultimate Warrior (and his theme) shaped a lot of the wrestling industry that we see today.

WCW: The Mamalukes

A rare one to kick things off. This theme belonged to The Mamalukes; 2 time WCW tag team champions. The team consisted of (Big) Vito and Johnny the Bull, and was managed by Tony Marinara. They formed in '99 and ran until WCW was bought by the WWF in 2001. While the team had several fueds, and were even co-holders of the WCW hardcore championship, they never really got the chance to do anything to put themselves on the map. The two wouldn't team again in any other major organisation, but they would both later become a part of the WWEs reincarnation of the Full Blooded Italians (FBI), and Marinara would also adopt the name Tony Mamaluke as a reference to the team.

The theme is pretty good in my opinion. Considering a lot of WCWs themes around this time were just painfully generic rock songs,  so this was a good change. And while the stereotypical nature of the theme practically slapped you in the face, it still worked pretty damn well.

What do you think?